Invisible Braces Can Protect Your Teeth In These Three Ways

Invisible braces do a great job of straightening teeth, but that's not all that they're capable of. Unlike traditional braces, invisible braces are made of a thin layer of plastic that wraps over your teeth from front to back, covering them completely. In this way, invisible braces are able to offer some benefits that standard braces just can't. Here are three of the ways they may end up protecting your teeth while they're straightening them.

Acid Protection

The first way that invisible braces can protect your teeth is by protecting them from acid. The first type of acid they protect against is the kind that's commonly found in drinks: citric acid. While you take off your invisible braces to eat, you don't have to remove them to drink. Since your teeth are covered, very little if any of the acidic drink will come into contact with your teeth.

Another type of acid they protect against is stomach acid that comes up when you have acid reflux. This kind of acid can indeed damage your teeth, but with an extra layer of protection, you'll be better off.

Grinding Protection

Another common protection that invisible braces can provide is protecting you against teeth grinding.

Teeth grinding is more of a problem than you might think. While it can cause headaches and jaw pain in the short term, it can also cause significant tooth damage in the long term. Your teeth can be worn down or even cracked from biting down too hard on each other. Whether you grind during the day, night, or both, your invisible braces will be there to take the brunt of the pressure.

Nail Biting Protection

Lastly, if you're a nail biter, then your invisible braces are about to protect you from that, too.

Biting your nails is extremely hard with invisible braces on, which may help you to break the habit and to stop biting your nails completely. However, even if you don't and still push through to bite your nails while wearing your invisible braces, they'll still help to protect you.

Similar to the mechanism that damages your teeth from grinding, when you bite your nails, they typically slam together, damaging them. With invisible braces on, the two sets of braces hit each other instead of your teeth, absorbing most of the pressure and preventing your teeth from being harmed.

Invisible braces are a great way of taking care of your teeth and straightening them at the same time. If you suffer from one or more of these problems, your decision is easy: choose invisible braces, get straight teeth and protect your teeth all the while. Talk to a dentist to get started.