3 Types of Braces and Their Benefits for Teenagers

Once upon a time, teenagers looked on the possibility of getting braces with horror. However, nowadays, braces don't carry the stigma that they once did. In fact, because there are now various types of braces, teens have more of a say in how they straighten their teeth. Because braces reduce the risk of tooth decay, tartar formation and tooth fracture, it is well worth starting a course of orthodontics as a teenager. Read More 

Invisible Braces Can Protect Your Teeth In These Three Ways

Invisible braces do a great job of straightening teeth, but that's not all that they're capable of. Unlike traditional braces, invisible braces are made of a thin layer of plastic that wraps over your teeth from front to back, covering them completely. In this way, invisible braces are able to offer some benefits that standard braces just can't. Here are three of the ways they may end up protecting your teeth while they're straightening them. Read More 

Reasons for Discoloured Teeth

Teeth whitening can make a dramatic difference to the colour of your teeth, but over time the discolouration is likely to return. When you understand the reason for the discolouration, you might be able to take action to help your teeth stay whiter between treatments. Here are a few common causes of tooth discolouration. 1. Stains From Food and Drink Many cases of tooth discolouration are simply caused by eating and drinking strongly coloured foods and beverages, such as red wine and black coffee. Read More