Adult Onset Asthma and Your Dental Health

Many adults living with asthma have been affected by the condition for most of their lives—having been diagnosed in childhood. But an asthma diagnosis is not limited to children. It's possible to develop asthma in adulthood, and this scenario is, rather logically, called adult-onset asthma. It takes a bit of trial and error when it comes to managing your condition, although this may only involve using an asthma inhaler as needed, depending on the severity of your asthma. Read More 

Going to the Dentist When You Have a Latex Allergy

Estimates vary when it comes to the percentage of the population affected by a latex allergy, but it's thought to be an issue for around 4.3% of the global population. Many instances of a latex allergy resemble contact dermatitis—a rash that's likely to be extremely itchy. More extreme cases can result in pustules on the skin. Even more extreme cases can lead to an all-over rash and even respiratory distress. If you've been diagnosed with a latex allergy, how do you navigate something seemingly as straightforward as dental care? Read More